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Earthquake and ink

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010 by Diantres , under , ,

Hello to the few people who read my blog. Here in Chile we had a great earthquake who destroyed many buildings , took various lives and left many people without a house. Lucky for me, i didn't had any kind of loss, but the earthquake scared the shit of me. Hope everything will get better, specially at the south of my country

Hola a los pocos que leen mi blog, acá en chile ocurrio un gran terremoto, que destruyó muchos edificios, tuvo algunas víctimas y dejo a mucha gente sin hogar Afortunadamente para mi, no tuve perdida de ningun tipo, el terremoto me asusto mas que la cresta eso si. Ojalá todo se arregle, especialmente al sur de mi pais.

Well, time to show images:

⇧ i did a fanart of Guy Davis' character the Marquis, i like Guy's work.

and inking practice in my sketchbook first two based on photos of the sartorialist :


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time to sleep a bit and get back to work, i guess. take care.

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1 de marzo de 2010, 13:16

Comment by Sam Bosma.

Goddamn man, you get better every time I turn my head.

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