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A la grande le puse cuca

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010 by Diantres , under , , ,

Hi people, I'm taking a pseudo vacation, visiting friends, chillin out, maxin, relaxin' all cool and all shootin some b-ball... outside the school.

I got in one little sadness and mom got scared she said,
"stop to listen music and drawing Nick Drake"

And today i drew a lot:


Girl, you really got me now♫ + Mola mola.

i like to show photos of works on traditional media.
^not 100% happy with this one
^Dino Esponja

i don't know what is happening here haha.

in a big paper, fun but my back hurts.

If you read this, thanks ahaha.

Nice things from the internets:

  • Picture Book Report is a new blog where 15 illustrators create and post scenes from their favorite children's books (For the love of all that is illustrated, subscribe to that!!)
I looked to my entry
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Blogger

4 Responses to 'A la grande le puse cuca'

3 de febrero de 2010, 18:22

Comment by grotesco bringer of the lulz.


7 de febrero de 2010, 12:56

Comment by Plasticamestiza.

saludos Roriland me inspiran siempre tus trabajos, creo que tu siempre estas creando y haciendo cosas, eso es lo mejor. espero que en un tiempo cercano hagamos algo, un mural o una ilustración de gran formato. me despido dejando saludos a ti y a los chicos de ARDVARK ¿esta bien escrito ardvark? estamos en contacto.

8 de febrero de 2010, 0:54

Comment by Compulsive.

estan muy bakaness! me encanto la dinosauria =)

24 de febrero de 2010, 20:56

Comment by Headphoniano.

Que genial tu trabajo *O*

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