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sábado, 31 de julio de 2010 by Diantres , under , , ,

yesterday i did this test page.
i haven't worked on a finished page since last year, and was good to get back to it.
done with a Pentel Pocket BrushPen on DC bristol board for interiors, i didn't liked the combination, the brushpen is either too "dry" for the paper or the paper is too rough for it for fast/wide brush strokes. but happy with the overall result. looks like I've improved a little :)

check the inks here:
also, i have a updated webpage: (doesn't look 100% fine on Chrome, gotta fix that, sorry!)

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31 de julio de 2010, 20:36

Comment by takuyaleon.

esta demaciado bueno man, los fondos y la manera de pintar en general, el dibujos es tu estilo propio, lo que lo hace original... aunque le encargué un brushpen al pato, no se como usarlo, asi que les pedire consejo a ustedes...

saludos y siga trabajando

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