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Comics! Special post, introducing TEAM LALAMRAS

domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011 by Diantres , under , ,


Today i launch my online webcomic Team Lalamras. Is a simple, and absurd story of a group of weird loosers, trying to acomplish a misterious plan.
You can read it in English, or Spanish. Subscribe to the RSS feed, because it will be updated every Sunday!

But isn't only avaliable to read there, my friend Chuck created Energy Punch, a site were he publish various comics made by friends.
  • Lucia sin Sandia, an epic story of a women who rebels against a dictatorship ruled by evil fruits. by Jaliet
  • Space-Corner, a Sci-Fi Thriller. In space no one can hear you scream... little Justin Bailey. by Keino.
  • Jimmy Creepy, Private Detective: crime and wambitas in a steampunk world. by Marsupio.
  • Super Fideos: Super Noodles with his feline sidekick Super Sauce must protect the city for the evil Dr Rice, but is not simple as it seems... by Asertijo.
  • and at last but not least.. Equipo Lalamras.

The comic creator and all sides talking-drawings-inside-a-square enthusiast Brandon Graham, moved his blog form Livejournal to Wordpress, to the better. please check it.
King City was one of my favourite titles from 2010 and is in my list of "forever good comics" too, so i'm waiting to pick his new work, Multiple Warheads!

James Stokoe, who i'm doing color for the now delayed Sullivan Sluggers. has a blog too!

and to finish the trilogy of insane comix yunkies: Sheldon Vella did an excellent job doing a brand new website, include many pages of comic to check, even he upload Supertron for free until the dark powers dragged it:

wordpress is on fire now!, while i still had to deal with the shitty post editor of blogger (dude, i had to drag the images to put them in order.. that is why i don't even...)

And Mark Smith is funding to make The New Brighton Archealogical Society 2 a reallity (so i can color it). check this article in wired, why Kickstarter can become a excellent sistem to indie creators.

Also Nate, is making his Project Waldo a reality: Image comics is publishing Nonplayer. Check this page.. duuuuuuuuuude. pure quality.

that's for now, read lalamras, and tell me what do you think.

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8 de marzo de 2011, 7:50

Comment by Woka.

Hola Rodrigo! Que gusto encontrarme con otro chileno en el mundillo de los comics. Sobre todo alguien tan talentoso como tu!!

Te vi en el blog de Project Waldo, de ocioso hice click en tu avatar y te encontré. Compadre, me dejaste impresionado con tus ilustraciones y colores. Genial =)

Un abrazo grande!
Daniel Walker "Woka"

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