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viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011 by Diantres , under , ,

Hi i'm not dead. yet.
i'm enjoing the summer also doing some comic coloring work.
lately i've started to feeling more motivated to do things on my own even if they don't have immediate financial success, than working for others, i still have bills to pay but that is another matter.

also i'm focusing more into calligraphy, lettering etc. than drawing is pretty fun, and helps to think more in a concept than a execution. i'm still a noob at this, i need to practice more.

for Valentines Day

Blackletter + Script practice

Paracaidistas = Airborne Forces, but also is a term to party crashers in chile.

the infamous meme

i like that "S"

some monograms of my 'hood inspired in the famous NY and LA ones.

mixing a New Era cap and a carabineros (police in chile) cap

Forever_alone again, in a kinda tattoo script style.

All done in Paint Tool Sai, is a light and simple drawing tool, check it.

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24 de febrero de 2011, 5:47

Comment by Leo Ríos.

me di su buena vuelta por el blog, excelentes pegas... Salud

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