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Sketchbook paintings

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008 by Diantres , under , ,


Some acrylic painting in my Sketchbook.
and a 100 chilean pesos coin for reference the size. (the coin is a little more than an inch)

Left: from a photo in flickr.
Right: from the cover of Fables 60. by James Jean.

like 40 min each one.

they aren't form accurate drawings (yeah they have some malformations XD), but i was worried in the colors, values. etc.

i really liked the result, a month since my last try with acryilics.


2 Responses to 'Sketchbook paintings'

15 de octubre de 2008, 1:51

Comment by andreas.

great work!
especially on this little amount of space.

21 de octubre de 2008, 0:27

Comment by Mr. Crook.

Holy-moly!! This is a really exciting Sketchbook page. Freaking beautiful! Especially the girl - great colors and mood.

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